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Low Cost Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage that specializes in risk management.

As an insurance broker, we are more reliable compared to the competition since we do not represent a single insurer.

We advise you on the insurance that is best for you, since we do not depend on any particular insurance company.

We provide consulting services, not product sales. We carry out market studies to get you the best product in price and quality. Our focus is to provide personalized service focused on your needs. We take care of carrying out an exhaustive analysis and evaluation of the risks that the individual or the company can assume and those that must be transferred to an insurer.

As you will realize, IRC’s focus is to provide our clients with a range of products with different insurance companies that best suit them.

Regardless of your situation, IRC works for you,

assessing your needs and providing you with a policy with the insurer that offers the best coverage at the best possible price. Thus ensuring a comfortable cost with insurers whose main goal is customer service.

IRC, has more than ten years of experience mitigating risk and advising our clients on how to protect themselves against unexpected accidental damage. Whether individual or legal person, an insurance policy is not a general pattern which fits every situation. Therefore, your needs are carefully evaluated on an individual basis and thus be able to develop a policy with the necessary coverage, thus preventing the unnecessary cost of coverage not required for your specific situation.

When you insure your home, car, business, or family with IRC, rest assured that you’ve found a brokerage that works on your side and provides the support you need when you need it most. We assist you in the processing of claims until their total resolution, becoming your maximum defender, in order to minimize the human and economic impact of the incident, thus helping you to obtain a fair and prompt payment and thus be able to replace what was lost.

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